1) Paolo Mantegazza was SexDoc, AnthropologyDoc, PoliticDoc and WriterDoc

Image:Paolo Mantegazza.jpeg

Mantegazza was born at Monza on October 31, 1831. After spending his student-days at the universities of Pisa and Milan, he gained his M.D. degree at Pavia in 1854. After travelling in Europe, India and the Americas, he practised as a doctor in the Argentine Republic and Paraguay. Returning to Italy in 1858 he was appointed surgeon at Milan Hospital, in Milan, and professor of general pathology at Pavia. In 1870 he was nominated professor of anthropology at the Instituto di Studi Superiori, Florence. Here he founded the first Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology in Italy, and later the Italian Anthropological Society. From 1865 to 1876 he was deputy for Monza in the Italian parliament, subsequently being elected to the senate. He became the object of bitter attacks on the ground of the extent to which he carried the practice of vivisection

He was one of the pioneers of Sexual Medicine publishing works like "Fisiologia del piacere“ (Physiology of lust, 1854), „Fisiologia dell’amore“ (Physiology of Love, 1873), „Igiene dell’ amore“ (Hygienics of Love, 1877), „Gli amori degli uomini – Saggio di una etnologia dell’amore“ (Loving of Men - Samples of a Love Ethnology, 1886) und „Fisiologia della donna“ (Physiology of the Woman, 1893)

citation from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paolo_Mantegazza , check there for the entire article!


666666666666) Alexa is SexDoc

In the german magazine "stern" was a report about an exclusive escort service.
In this report "Alexa", 27, Assistant doctor was presented with an esthetically beautiful photo
which you can see clicking the above link with some german text added (the photos are no more available, sorry...)

3) Alexander Maassen is PoliticDoc and SexDoc


The surgeon Alexander Maassen is PoliticDoc, he was treasurer of the Berlin CDU (christian democratic party) and has played as a "porno star" in about 50 movies....
This has been a scandal (see press pics in the photo) but similar scandals in the past had been tolerated nevertheless by the party's friends - living and letting live......... Meanwhile he is working in the computer business and has quit the CDU.

4) "Viola" is a high class "SexDoc", working in an escort service


5) "Lara" is medical student working escort as well to pay her studies:


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